About Me

Hi, my name is Ahmed and I blog every day

My name Ahmed Yassin, I am a 33 year old, husband, father of 3, personal trainer, sports fan and huge geek when it to comes to content writing about health and fitness.


Being a personal trainer for over 4 years, I’ve trained over 50 people to be physically fit.


My experience
I wasn’t born with this physique. In fact, I used to be weight over 100kg, zero confidence to almost every area of my life.


My life started changing dramatically when I started to hit the gym for like 5 days a week. It took a whole 2 years after not only I saw improvement on my health and outlook, but it helped me to persist many other negative things in life!


Besides working out, I enjoy playing with my kids, writing articles and blogs for others. In this blog, I’ll share with you some health and fitness tips, together with some other knowledge that I feel worth sharing.